5-Gal Barricade Eductor Nozzle for Fire Hose System

Designed to allow the 5-gallon container of fire gel to be sprayed with our home fire protection systems

The bucket can be mounted on a mobile unit, or it can be carried by hand. The pistol grip nozzle has an adjustable valve allowing the flow of either gel or plain water. Simply connect the nozzle to the desired hose and attach the container of Barricade concentrate and you are ready to go. The operating pressure is 70 to 100 PSI at the nozzle.

  • 1.5" NH Fire Hose applicator with a 15 gpm eductor/nozzle
  • Built in check valve prevents water from entering concentrate container
  • Includes suction hose and pail adaptor for 5 gallon pails

Price: $399.00

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