Barricade Fire Blocking Gel 5 Gallon

*5-gallon container* to be used with our home fire protection systems

Most effective and tested fire-gel product on the market. Four gallons will provide approximately 2,000 square feet of coverage at the minimum thickness required for protection. The gel will remain viable for 6 to 36 hours depending on weather conditions. High temperatures, very low humidity, and high winds decrease how long the gel will last. However, once the gel has been applied it can be re-hydrated and maintained by gently misting with water until you evacuate. You can also prolong the life of the gel by applying a thicker coat. For maximum protection, a 1/4 inch thickness is recommended, which will require purchasing additional gel.

It forms a unique thermal protective gel-coating that stops fires from burning homes, structures, vehicles, fuel tanks, and other flammable objects. Barricade Fire Gel protects against radiant heat, direct flames, flying brands and burning embers. It is specially formulated to adhere to all exposed surfaces, including walls, overhangs, wood shake roofs, metal or fiberglass surfaces and glass windows. When mixed with water from one of our swimming pool wildfire protection systems, it can be applied on grass, trees, and shrubbery to create a firebreak. This 5-gallon container of Barricade fire gel requires a special educator nozzle that is sold separately.

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Add Fire Hose Eductor Nozzle + $399.00
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