Floating Fire Pump Barricade Fire Gel Package

Comes complete with the 6 HP gas fire pump, detachable floater, 100 feet of fire hose, all adapters, Case of Barricade Fire Gel and Barricade Fire Gel Eductor Nozzle

This high volume 6hp Kawasaki Floating Home Fire Fighting Pump is the most efficient on the market. It gives you the highest volume in its range.

265 GPM @ 5 PSI
125 GPM @ 15 PSI
75 GPM @ 20 PSI

Engine Specifications:

  • Kawasaki 179CC at 3600 RPM, air cooled engine
  • Single cylinder gasoline engine
  • Manual recoil start
  • 2 quarts (2 l) integrated fuel tank
  • Pump Unit Specifications:
    • Direct drive CET single stage centrifugal pump
    • Pump body made from resistant aluminum alloy
    • Aluminum impeller
    • Self-priming system
    • Need only 1" deep of water
    • One 2.5" (65 mm) delivery outlet
    • 2.5" to 1.5" adapter for Fire Hose
    • One 3" (77 mm) suction inlet
    • Light weight heavy duty floater
    • Detachable floater
    • Dimensions: 35" (794 mm) L x.5" (648 mm) W x 19" (482 mm) H
    • Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)

    Fire Hose Specifications:

    • Our fire hose is 1-1/2" high quality single jacket fire hose
    • 100 feet of hose
    • Intended for industrial fire protection use
    • Hose has a synthetic rubber liner
    • 100% polyester yarns prevent mildew
    • Hose has 300 PSI test pressure and a 150 PSI service pressure
    • Fire hose comes standard with an FM label
    • Hose comes coupled with HARD COAT ALUMINUM couplings (NST) threads

    Barricade Fire Gel and Eductor Nozzle Specifications:

    • This package includes four 1-Gallon containers of Barricade Fire Gel
    • Also includes a special fire gel eductor nozzle that connects to the 100 foot section of 1.5" fire hose in this package
    • Fire Gel Eductor Nozzle delivers 15 gpm Fixed Eduction
    • Built in check valve prevents water from entering the concentrate container
    • 4 gallons covers 2000 sq ft
    • Recommended to apply it 1/4" thick
    • Will last up to 36 hours after you apply it
    • Fire Gel is environmental friendly simply rinses off

    What are the advantages of a floating pump?

    If your water supply (i.e. pool or lake) has a depth of a few inches or greater, a floating pump can be used. Since it sits on the surface of the water, it draws the water directly into the pump without the need of a suction hose assembly. With no suction hose there is no head loss on the suction side. With the pump being on the surface of the water, priming is no longer a problem. No suction hose means fewer operational issues.

    Price: $3,299.00

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