Foam Eductor Nozzle Kit for Fire Hose System

Designed to allow Class A Foam to be sprayed with our home fire protection systems

The Scotty Five Liter Foam Kit is designed to be attached to a 1.5" Fire Hose. This foam kit is the number 1 selling accessory for our Portable Home Wildfire Protection System. This unit provides a fast and simple solution to a fire scene where Class A Foam is required. The unit includes a D handle shutoff with a 1.5" NH swivel connector, 50 GPM foam eductor, 1.5 gallon foam container and a 50 GPM air aspiration foam nozzle. The eduction rate is fixed at 1 % for Class A Foam. The body of the unit is molded from corrosion resistant glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability. 5-Gallon Containers of Class A Foam are sold separately.

Price: $305.00

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