Giant Soaker Hose 100 ft. section

Add-On for our Home Firefighting Pump System

Introducing the World's First Enlarged Sprinkler/Soaker Hose For Exterior/Roof Fire Protection. This giant soaker irrigation hose is designed specifically to provide protection from a wildfire to rooftops and landscape areas immediately surrounding a building. This product has been tested, approved, and recommended by CalFire and the United States Forest Service. We recommend purchasing this fire soaker hose as an add-on for our Home Firefighting System. Simply connect this to our portable gas fire pump, turn it on, and evacuate. Every homeowner in southern California should have one of these.

Fire Soaker Hose Specifications:

  • 1.5 inch diameter lay-flat PVC Giant Soaker Hose
  • 100 feet of this wildfire soaker hose
  • Intended for exterior wildfire protection
  • Delivers anywhere from 40 to 100 gallons of water per minute
  • Requires water sources including ponds, streams, wells, reservoirs, lakes, pools or water tanks
  • Requires a fire pump (Not Included)
  • Click here for Fire Soaker Hose and Pump Package
  • United States Forest Service tested
  • CalFire Tested and Approved
  • United States Forest Service tested
  • For best performance, we recommend up to 200 feet of soaker hose for fire pumps up to 9HP

Price: $498.00

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