Ultimate Multi-System Home Wildfire Protection Large Estate Bundle

Our most exclusive and effective wildfire defense bundle of different systems - specifically designed for large estates.

This Ultimate Home Wildfire Protection Large Estate Bundle includes the following:

  • One Portable Gas Powered Fire Pump Cart and Hose System
    • Includes an extra 100 foot section of single jacket fire hose for fire pump for a total of 200 feet of fire hose
    • Includes a heavy duty steel frame fire pump cart on 8" wheels that features a built-in rack to hang the fire hose and storage bin for accessories.
    • Includes a special Barricade Fire Gel Eductor Nozzle that is designed to spray the 1 gallon containers of Barricade Fire Gel.
  • Two Cases of Barricade Fire Gel for a total of eight 1 gallon containers of Barricade Fire Gel
  • Three Barricade Fire Gel Garden Hose Applicator / Eductor Nozzles
  • One Gas Powered 3100 PSI Pressure Washer with special Applicator Wand that is specifically designed to spray 1 Gallon containers of Barricade Fire Gel.
    • Also includes a separate regular gun to spray just water.
  • One Permanent Wildfire Protection System powered by your existing electric swimming pool motor.
    • Installation and all plumbing is included.
    • Includes 100 feet of Single Jacket Fire Hose on a Swinging Fire Hose Reel and protective cover that gets mounted to the side of your house.
    • This system will be installed by a local swimming pool repair specialist contracted by JJS Fire Supply.
  • Two 100 foot sections of the exclusive "Giant Soaker Hose" which is a specialty rooftop or perimeter fire soaker hose that has been tested and recommended by CalFire and the United States Forest Service
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Price: $6,950.00

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